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In the heart of Hobart's vibrant arts community, there's an initiative known as The SESSIONS Project that's been quietly but profoundly shaping the local cultural landscape. This is a story that the team behind The Sessions Project wants to share, a journey that encapsulates the boundless passion of the founder, Jacob Golding, and the remarkable collective that makes it all possible.


In the midst of Melbourne's 2020 lockdown, Jacob Golding had an idea – an idea to bring together Hobart's diverse and undiscovered performers yearning to showcase their talents. Five months ago, he gathered a passionate team of local artists who shared his vision. Together, they began shaping what would soon become The SESSIONS Project.

After many years of talk and chatter around town, nobody had filled the gap for performers just wanting to perform. It has been long missed since the closure of the Theatre Royal Bar, and with it the legacy of Thirsty Thursday’s.

The SESSIONS Project is more than just an arts event; it's a thriving community hub. Each month, they create a space where artists can express themselves freely, without judgment, without expectations, just pure artistic freedom. It's a place where creativity knows no bounds, and the best part is that it's entirely free to attend and participate. The project relies on donations, which supporters can contribute through their social media links.

Over the past five months, The SESSIONS Project has evolved into a thriving community, a platform for artists to share their talents without fear of criticism. First-time performers have found a safe haven, a place where they can take their first steps on stage without the weight of expectation. The positive energy and support that permeate the project are truly soul-nourishing.


The SESSIONS Project is more than just an arts event; it's a celebration of community, artistic freedom, and unity. It's a place where artists can be themselves, create without boundaries, and find the support and love they need to grow. It's a story of dreams turning into reality, and the team behind The SESSIONS Project invites you to join them and immerse yourself in the magic. It's an experience you'll cherish for a lifetime, and it's a testament to the power of community and passion in the world of art. 


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